IDEAS4 has become SyncPointe - A full-service digital website, branding, marketing and advertising firm
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A New Name, A New Focus On Full-Service Marketing Solutions For Businesses Of All Sizes. 

We'd like you to be the first to know that IDEAS4 is changing, evolving, growing. Beginning today, October 15, we will become SyncPointe. (Visit us at

SyncPointe is really the evolution of the marketing firm. We have found that clients want to have one go-to partner for all their marketing needs so their brand is represented with one voice - so we want to make all of those services available in one place. The name 'Syncpointe' was developed because at the point where the total effects of the marketing exceeds the sum of its parts, organizations will find marketing success. That is their Syncpointe.

One of the most exciting part of SyncPointe is a new technology called HyperLocal Advertising. This breakthrough system drives a client's digital advertising with the largest ad networks in the US down to the neighborhood level so there is truly no waste in their advertising. While the newspaper, TV, radio and even cable are good for a broader sweep of consumers, the real marketing battle happens at the street level. It's a perfect solution for retailers, restaurants and especially for franchisors and franchisees on strict limited budgets.

Because of a proprietary system called digital zips, local restaurants, retailers and other consumer service providers can geo-target customers demographically and psychographically down to the neighborhood level not just a zip code. And the system is built for small businesses with low budget requirements and no contract requirements. You pick your goals, target market, radius reach, set your budget, and go. That's impressive stuff!

SyncPointe has also expanded the website development services from just custom content management and programming solutions to include WordPress website solutions that are more affordable for small to mid-sized companies. "We'd like to work with a broader client base, from start-ups that needs a well-designed but affordable Internet footprint to established organizations looking for a fully integrated web solution." explains CEO Art Fyvolent. "And just because you're not spending as much doesn't mean you won't get access to the same experienced marketing brains. "We’re confident that we can help a lot of companies, no matter what the size and budget." says Fyvolent. 

In addition to the website solutions, a full seo and social media solutions are also available at different price points.  “We're able to create a set of affordable packages so customers can help design their own service needs." states Fyvolent. "It will go from occasional help to a full court press system where the social media is pushed constantly."

SyncPointe will also provide full hosting services through for its clients and to any company looking for an affordable hosting solution. "We offer a full range of hosting solutions, but in addition to our technuts, we have service staff that really understand your needs." Fyvolent said. "No one really has time to mess with hosting, so the less you see of it the better. It just needs to work all the time because people have more important things to do.”

SyncPointe can be reached by going to or via e-mail at

We have assembled a top team of experienced pros to help with all of your digital and traditional marketing needs... Click on the images below to learn more about our team.
SyncPointe offers a wider range of services than ever before and a full-service team to make it happen.